Recruitment and Selection

Since its creation in 1990, A&ES has specialized in the search, at all levels, for computer professionals. Although we have built our reputation on recruitment in the computer world, we are regularly contacted by our clients to carry out searches in other fields of activity: banking and insurance, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, etc… This now enables us to cover staff needs in the respective sectors as widely as possible and with success. This is because our job is, above all, to discover the talents which match the needs of our clients.

A golden rule: find the right person in the right place.

You know this phrase better than anybody. You know what profile you are seeking for a given post by requiring specific qualifications. This being so, it is not always obvious that “the right person” will be found automatically. Hence, the importance of conducting this search in collaboration with A&ES. That is because recruitment is our job. And because we have the structures and time necessary for an analysis of the market and its trends.
In the search for all of your staff members, you benefit free of charge from Internet techniques and the recognition which our agency enjoys through the placing of an anonymous advertisement or one involving a name on our site.

Depending on the post to be filled and taking into account the characteristics of the company, the post involved and the market, we opt for one of the following methods:

Press advertisements
A&ES chooses, along with you, the most appropriate media (national and regional press, specialist magazines) and takes care of drafting and inserting the advertisements. The recruitment advertisements have an important yield potential as they are read by candidates who are in touch with market trends, are predisposed to change and are therefore frequently available at short notice.
In addition, the replies to the advertisements provide a significant sampling as well as an instantaneous analysis of the market possibilities.
Web recruitment
A&ES publishes vacant posts on several employment sites. This service has been a clear-cut success as it offers great visibility and also offers the possibility of establishing contact very quickly with candidates engaged in an active search.
File search
A&ES possesses and constantly updates a database which makes it possible to quickly and precisely locate, in respect of each sector of activity, the candidate or candidates who, by virtue of their degree of qualification, professional experience and human skills, are suited to meeting your requirements.. A&ES possesses and constantly updates a database which makes it possible to quickly and precisely locate, in respect of each sector of activity, the candidate or candidates who, by virtue of their degree of qualification, professional experience and human skills, are suited to meeting your requirements.
Executive search
Is a “tailor-made formula”. This method is used in the search for highly qualified and specialized executives. On the basis of very strict specifications describing experience and various specific personal criteria, we shall conduct the search by contacting persons who, are most often, in place. To approach these candidates, the A&ES has a solid network of professional contacts ready to serve your interests.

  1. Study of the environment
    This initial stage is very important for our intervention. It enables us to better understand the structure of your company, its culture, its objectives and its place in the general economic environment; it also enables us to conduct an in-depth analysis of the post involved and its requirements. Thus, we systematically provide for an interview with the human resources manager, the immediate manager and/or a person who holds a similar post. Ideally, this interview will be conducted in your offices with a view to enhancing our understanding of the company’s culture and the recruitment context..
  2. Search for candidates
    Irrespective of the mission, we work in tandem: one Client/one Consultant. In agreement with you and depending on the type of search we carry out, we use one or several methods which can be combined: Press advertisements – Web recruitment – File search – Executive search.
    The consultant responsible for your recruitment mission will keep you regularly informed on how the procedure is developing. This “feedback” takes place at least once a week by telephone and/or in writing. Throughout the search, you will have the same partner, and this makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust and dialogue. Your appointed consultant will meet with the candidates and will be able to provide you, at any time, with relevant information.
  3. Selection of candidates
    Because of our vast experience, we can quickly target the candidates who are of interest to you. All interesting candidates will be invited to undergo an in-depth interview at A&ES so that an initial selection can be made on the basis of each candidate’s personality, technical knowledge and professional abilities. If you so wish, A&ES can also have psychological and graphological tests administered to the candidates selected in this preselection.
  4. Presentation of candidates
    In the case of each candidate presented, we send a copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae accompanied by a report detailing the following points: personal data, training, professional career, knowledge of languages, personality, motivation, salary expectations, strong/weak points as regards the proposed post, and an opinion on the candidate’s potential..
  5. Interviewing of candidates by your company
    A&ES takes care of the practical arrangements for meetings between the selected candidates and the various persons in your company who are to be involved in the recruitment. After each interview, we review the situation with you in order to determine together what action is to be taken on the various applications. A&ES will take care of personally informing the candidates who have not been selected..
  6. Final selection and signing of the contract
    When a candidate has been selected, we assist you throughout your negotiations with the candidate up to the signing of the candidate’s employment contract. We are convinced that our mission does not stop with the hiring of the candidate and that it also consists of promoting the entry into service and fast integration of your new employee within the company. It may occur on this occasion that a candidate will wish to discuss with us certain points which he hesitates to tackle head-on with his new employer. In such a case, we play the role of a mediator in order to eliminate any potential problem..
D Initiation of the mission at the time of the signing of the contract
D+1 Study of the environment and the post
D+10 Presentation of a shortlist of candidates meeting your criteria
D + 10 + (5 maximum) Meeting of the candidates with your company
D + 10 + (5 maximum) + 1 Debriefing of the candidates
D + 10 + (5 maximum) + 2 Feedback to the candidates

The “sales force” principle of A&ES is to fundamentally comply with an irreproachable work ethic in all respects. As a member of Federgon, A&ES collaborates with its clients and its candidates on the basis of the statutory requirements in force and it complies strictly with the professional code of ethics established by Federgon, a professional organization recognized by the Flemish Ministry and is one of the most representative professional federations.

Its objectives are :

  • To bring together recruitment and selection offices aiming at quality in the services which they offer their clients. These offices abide by the professional and ethical codes.
  • The establishment of a common body in relation to the authorities..
  • The assurance and improvement of service quality within our sector (transfer of knowledge).
  • The creation of a platform to exchange ideas and draw up agreements aimed at defending the interests of the members of the association and sector (defence of their interests and widening of the market).

Concerned about guaranteeing quality, professionalism and ethics in the sector, Federgon RS&S has developed – in parallel to the statutory code of conduct (Decree of 30 April 1999 on private employment bodies and its implementing Decree of 8 June 2000) – a code unanimously approved by its members (2001) and entitled the “Professional and Ethical Code” defining the working method of members and also quality guarantees relating to :

  • Commitments and expectations regarding the client.
  • Commitments and expectations regarding the candidate.
  • The methodology used.
  • The responsibilities of the member offices.
  1. A&ES will establish a professional relationship with its client and, in consultation with it, will examine its needs with regards to recruitment and selection. The parties will then agree on the best way for A&ES to familiarize itself with the organization in order to carry out its mission effectively.
  2. A&ES will analyse, together with the client, the degree of difficulty of the mission and will accept only the recruitment missions authorized in accordance with the regulations in force and for which we have the required expertise.
  3. A&ES will assume, with the maximum professionalism, the role of representative of its client in relation to the candidates. The data communicated regarding the company and regarding the post to be filled shall conform in all respects to reality and the candidates will be duly informed of the action taken on their applications.
  4. A&ES will guarantee a professional consultancy service in accordance with law and will adopt a respectful, impartial and non-discriminatory attitude. This will also apply to the assessment of the candidates found and presented by the client itself.
  5. The client may give A&ES the responsibility of monitoring the chosen candidate, including the hiring of the candidate afterwards.
  6. A&ES undertakes never to approach, on behalf of other clients, the candidates hired through it.
  7. A&ES will be careful not to approach a staff member of a client regarding a post in another company, unless such staff member has himself or herself expressed the wish to change employment. This rule will apply for a period and an area to be agreed upon with the client; in the absence of an agreement in this regard, the period will be set at one year.
  8. The staff members of A&ES will make sure not to disclose any confidential particulars brought to their attention when discharging their duties.
  9. A&ES will ensure that the greatest discretion is exercised by all the parties concerned in relation to the interested persons and the candidates. Any disclosure of personal data in a context other than that of a mission is prohibited. A&ES will comply scrupulously with the legislation on the protection of privacy.
  10. A&ES will in particular show discretion and circumspection in approaching candidates in the exercise of their professional activity.
  11. The collaboration contract concluded between the client and A&ES shall include specific agreements on the timing of each phase of the recruitment and selection process.
  12. The fees shall be covered by a clear agreement between the parties and shall be recorded in writing.
  13. In the context of a placement project, A&ES will not accept or require any payment in any form whatsoever from a person other than the client. Under no circumstances will A&ES accept payment from a person wishing to find a job..
  • The client will supply to A&ES any information which the latter considers necessary to carry out a professional assignment.
  • The client will make it possible for A&ES to familiarize itself with the problems, strategy, organization and culture of the contracting company.
  • The client will accept the principle according to which recruitment is a process of mutual choice: it is prepared to give to A&ES and the candidate any necessary information so that the latter can also make his or her choice with full knowledge of the facts.
  • The client will immediately communicate to A&ES any change which takes place during the performance of the mission and which could influence it. Changes which will have a major impact on the performance of the mission may be covered by a revision of the contract and give rise to additional fees.
  • The client will guarantee the confidentiality of the data sent to it by the agency.
    • Ethics & Professionalism: A&ES complies strictly with the professional code of ethics established by Federgon.
    • Priority for clients & candidates: A&ES considers collaboration not to be an isolated action but a long-term partnership. Our raison d’être: success for our clients and our candidates.
    • Communication: Throughout the recruitment process, clients and candidates receive regular, precise and complete information as to the status of the mission.
    • Transparency: It is the policy of A&ES to communicate to candidates the most complete and most objective information possible so that they can decide on the orientation which they wish to give to their professional careers.

Temporary Assignments

Temporary Assignments A&ES-Intermission arose from an agency specializing in the recruitment of computer experts, from which it disassociated itself in 1993. A&ES-Intermission draws its strength in part from its selection skills. The core of the team is made up of human resource professionals armed with several years of experience in the sector.As a computer-engineering service company oriented towards intellectual services, A&ES-Intermission makes available to you an autonomous entity which has been consolidated by dozens of years of experience accumulated by its professionals. With its medium size, flexible structure and optimal accessibility, A&ES-Intermission can meet your needs as soon as possible.

A&ES-Intermission: a solid network, reliable guarantees.

Concerned about basing our relationships on quality contacts, we have developed a rigorously systematized methodology. The management of a mission is centralized by a senior consultant who becomes your preferential partner.It is with him that you will specify the profile of the service provider corresponding to your expectations and you will define by mutual agreement the objectives and conditions of a service offer. He will then present to you from our database a choice of candidates who are available or could be free within a reasonable period.All candidates are selected in accordance with a proven procedure which includes in-depth interviews as well as technical and psychological tests: this enables us to propose to you specialists who know how to adapt and react appropriately in all circumstances.Being integrated under a permanent contract or sometimes being more specialized independent partners, our staff members remain in regular contact with all of our team through continuous training assuring them an active command of the latest trends and technologies.Being enthusiastic about their jobs and being creative and enterprising, they will not hesitate to go beyond the technology in order to open a dialogue or stimulate reflection.The senior consultant closely monitors the integration of service providers and the progress of their mission, and this guarantees for you a regular assessment of the services and an optimal check of the time required for implementation.As and when the project develops, you will be at liberty at any time to contact the senior consultant in order to reorient or supplement, if necessary, the objectives of the mission.

The business ethics applied by A&ES-Intermission complies to the letter with the entry conditions stipulated by international bodies. Our staff members are at the service of a diverse range of companies in the tertiary sector (e.g. banks, insurance companies, distributive trades and international organizations) and industry (e.g. aeronautics, space technologies, chemistry, the medical world). The effectiveness of their services, their professionalism and their ethics have enabled A&ES-Intermission to meet the demands of a multiplicity of companies which are well-known in their respective markets.

  • A&ES-Intermission accepts only missions for which it has the required expertise. A&ES-Intermission analyzes with the client the degree of difficulty of each mission.
  • The collaboration contract concluded between the client and A&ES-Intermission will include specific agreements on the description of the mission, its duration, the place of performance and the profile sought.
  • The fees will be covered by a clear agreement between the parties and will be recorded in writing.
  • A&ES-Intermission acknowledges that it is bound by professional secrecy as regards all data relating to its client and with which it became acquainted during the performance of the mission.
  • A&ES-Intermission will ensure that all its authorized agents, workers and employees scrupulously comply with professional secrecy.
  • A&ES-Intermission undertakes to deliver immediately to its client and not later than the week following the end of each mission all the documents sent to it in the context of the mission – and without keeping a copy.
  • It is, of course, understood that, once a professional relationship binds us to a company, our professional code of ethics prohibits us from approaching any staff member of that company.
  • The client will give A&ES-Intermission all the information which the latter considers necessary to carry out a professional assignment.
  • The client will make it possible for A&ES-Intermission to familiarize itself with the problems, strategy, organization and culture of the company.
  • The client will immediately communicate to A&ES-Intermission any change which takes place during the performance of the mission and which could influence it. Changes which will have a major impact on the performance of the mission may be covered by a revision of the contract and give rise to additional fees
  • The client will guarantee the confidentiality of the data sent to it by A&ES-Intermissi.
  • Unless there is prior agreement between the two parties, the client undertakes not to hire, directly or indirectly, the personnel of A&ES-Intermission before expiry of the current contract or within 3 years following such expiry on.
  • Communication: A&ES-Intermission will ensure, through regular contact with the clients as well as with its consultants, that everyone is on the same wavelength and that our clients’ expectations are always satisfied.
  • Quality: Given that A&ES-Intermission works together with its clients from a long-term perspective, it attaches particular importance to the quality of the services provided. This quality can be guaranteed only if the provision of services and their subsequent control are realised by experienced professionals.
  • Discipline: Your success is our priority and our best advertisement, because we aspire to become the master developers for your IT requirements; we apply all the discipline, professionalism with the final touch necessary to bring your projects to fruition.
  • Flexibility: Attentive to the expectations of its clients, A&ES-Intermission adapts its operating methods to each project.