The quality of professional life and success in a career constitute an integral part of personal equilibrium. The major concern of A&ES is to enable candidates to fully fulfil themselves in their professional life. This challenge is met on a daily basis by A&ES thanks to:

  • Complete integrity in its relationships with its candidates.
  • Ultramodern procedures and logistics optimizing the success of the candidates.
  • A recognized professionalism.

Recruitment and Selection

Whatever the selection method to be adopted, the essential phase of the recruitment procedure is the interview..

The A&ES counsellors and consultants work as a multidisciplinary team and have as their mission to assess thoroughly the professional skills of the candidates as well as all aspects and assets of their personalities. For A&ES, the key to success lies in quality human relationships..That is why each recruitment process is monitored, from start to finish, by a single partner who will ensure for you preferential contact and advice.

Having accumulated many years of experience, A&ES counsellors and consultants are there to share their knowledge with you. Thanks to their daily contacts with recruiting companies, they can offer you a selection of the best career opportunities commensurate with your experience and your aspirations.

Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Since its creation in 1990, A&ES has been able to acquire, thanks to the quality of its services, a unique position on the Belgian market in the world of recruitment. We do not spare any efforts to give you the best advice, irrespective of the field tackled.

Together we check if you are <<the candidate>> whom our client is searching for. We analyze the importance of the company’s offer in relation to your career and your projects. We take the time to listen to you, understand your motivations and your ambitions and to analyze your experience in such a way as to assist you in orientating yourself in the market. We shall send off your file only with your consent and for positions which we have presented to you and which we have spoken about beforehand.

The candidates whose applications have been rejected after an examination of their files will receive a brief report describing the reasons why their application files were not selected. The aim of this description is to enable the candidates to better target the posts which suit them and/or to complete their training. We provide you with a personalized and permanent contact with the A&ES counsellors and consultants throughout your professional career.

As we wish to maintain a close relationship with all our candidates, we shall contact you (by telephone, e-mail or post) at an interval of around six months in order to monitor your professional development.

Thanks to the updating of your professional data we are able to inform you as soon as a career opportunity that corresponds to your experience and your aspirations presents itself.

Because your professional life is one of our major concerns, we are by your side to turn it into a success.

The main “selling strength” of A&ES is to fundamentally comply with an irreproachable work ethic in all respects. As a member of Federgon, A&ES collaborates with its clients and its candidates on the basis of the statutory requirements in force and it strictly complies with the professional code of ethics established by Federgon, a professional organization recognized by the Flemish Ministry and is one of the most representative professional federations.

Its objectives are :

  • To bring together recruitment and selection offices aiming at high quality in the services which they offer their clients. These offices abide by a professional and ethical code.
  • The establishment of a common body in relation to the authorities.
  • The assurance and improvement of service quality within our sector (transfer of knowledge).
  • The creation of a platform to exchange ideas and draw up agreements aimed at defending the interests of the members of the association and sector (defence of their interests and widening of the market).

Concerned about guaranteeing quality, professionalism and ethics in the sector, Federgon has developed – in parallel to the statutory code of conduct (Decree of 30 April 1999 on private employment bodies and its implementing Decree of 8 June 2000) – a code unanimously approved by its members (2001) which is entitled the “Professional and Ethical Code” defining the working method of members as well as quality guarantees relating to:

  • commitments and expectations with regards to the client
  • commitments and expectations with regards to the candidate
  • the methodology
  • the responsibilities of the member offices.
  • A&ES will communicate the most complete and objective information possible to potential candidates about the position and the profile being sought in such a manner that they will be able to decide whether or not to put themselves forward for selection.
  • A&ES will communicate to candidates under consideration all useful information about the organisation, details of the position, the conditions of employment and the next steps in the procedure.
  • A&ES will inform the candidate about the current status of the selection process and about the decision taken with regard to him or her. The candidate will be informed about the name and contact details of the consultant handling his or her candidature.
  • Throughout the procedure, the candidate will be treated with due respect.
  • The candidate has the right, on request, to consult his or her file and the opinions conveyed by A&ES. The candidate may request a copy of his or her file.
  • A&ES undertakes not to request references without the written authorisation of the candidate. Any specific mention on the CV of persons who can provide references will constitute implicit authorisation.
  • A&ES respects the employees’ personal privacy as well the data pertaining to it. A&ES undertakes to ask for such data and to use them only within the context of an assignment and with the candidate’s permission. For this purpose, A&ES will apply the provisions of the of the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy (provisions relative to the obligation to declare, to the right to consult, to correct and to withdraw) for the benefit of the employee and of the data pertaining to personal privacy.
  • The questions asked and the tests assigned will be chosen in accordance with their relevance to the specific assignment.
  • A&ES employees should behave in a manner which is impartial, respectful and non-discriminatory (with regard to gender, disability, race, age, etc.) and allow themselves to be guided only by their professionalism and their desire to satisfy the client, the employees and the candidates.
  • A&ES will under no circumstances claim any fees from the candidate.
  • Any fees incurred by the candidate for travel purposes, or for obtaining documents or information will not be charged to A&ES, unless otherwise arranged with the client.
  • The candidates will provide A&ES with the necessary information in accordance with reality.
  • The candidates will inform A&ES of their continued interest in the vacant position.
  • The candidates will treat confidential information about the client with discretion.
  • The candidates will submit their candidature with the sole aim of finding a new job.
  • The candidates will respect their contractual obligations towards the client.
  • Ethics & Professionalism: A&ES strictly complies with the professional code of ethics established by Federgon.
  • Priority for clients & candidates: A&ES considers collaboration not to be an isolated action but a long-term partnership. Our main purpose: achieving success for our clients and our candidates.
  • Communication: Throughout the recruitment process, clients and candidates receive regular, precise and complete information as to the status of the mission.
  • Transparency: It is the policy of A&ES to communicate to candidates the most complete and most objective information possible so they can decide in which direction they want to steer their professional careers

Temporary assignments

A&ES draws its strength in part from its excellent selection skills.

The core of the team is made up of HR-professionals armed with several years of experience in the sector.

As a computer-engineering service company, oriented towards intellectual services, A&ES offers you an autonomous entity, consolidated by the decades of accumulated experience of its professionals.

The A&ES staff members benefit from a large margin of maneuvering because they have to evolve in various working environments whilst also having to deal with various IT problems. This is a motivating experience in all points of view since it requires an adaptability, a relational sense and a sense of initiative.

Endowed with a strong potential, A&ES employees are entrusted with different types of missions:

  • Setting-up and managing networks
  • Analyzing and developing specific and personalized applications
  • Integrating and parametrizing software and equipment
  • Managing projects and drawing up specifications
  • Training users on an in-house basis
  • Advising managers on their computer strategy
  • Ensuring the monitoring of technological developments
  • Since its creation in 1990, A&ES has been able to acquire, thanks to the quality of its services, a unique position on the Belgian market in the world of IT recruitment.
  • You will increase your value on the market by enriching personal experiences.
  • You will be working in reputable companies, both Belgian or international.
  • We offer you a sound plan for your career by matching it with our clients’ projects.
  • We will provide you with a personalised and ongoing contact with our senior consultants, during and after each assignment. They know the subtle differences in the positions, they understand the specific needs of the companies and they will be able to advise you when deciding on an assignment.
  • We treat your CV in strict confidence.
  • We will describe to you in detail the available positions and our clients’ needs.
  • We will submit your file only with your approval and for the positions which we have presented to you and which we have discussed together beforehand.
  • We offer you a sound plan for your career by matching it with our clients’ projects.
  • We treat your CV in the strictest confidence.
  • We will describe to you in detail the available positions and our clients’ needs.
  • We shall only share your file with your consent and for posts which we have presented to you and about which we have spoken together beforehand.
  •  Communication: A&ES will ensure, through regular contact with the clients as well as with its consultants, that everyone is on the same wavelength and that our clients’ expectations are always satisfied.
  • Quality: Given that A&ES works together with its clients from a long-term perspective, it attaches particular importance to the quality of the services provided. This quality can be guaranteed only if the provision of services and their subsequent control are realised by experienced professionals.
  • Discipline: Your success is our priority and our best advertisement, because we aspire to become the master developers for your IT requirements; we apply all the discipline, professionalism with the final touch necessary to bring your projects to fruition.
  • Flexibility: Attentive to the expectations of its clients, A&ES adapts its operating methods to each project